Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Carter is still in surgery. They let us know that he would be done around 4. The surgery started at 2, even though they took him in at 12:45. Please pray that they get all of the tumor. If they don't get all the tumor he will probably have to have chemo to shrink it and then they will try to remove the rest later. I can really feel all of your prayers. Mike and I have been playing cards with my family to help the time go by faster. We really have a peace that could not come from within, but from our heavenly Father. They told us he will probably still have the breathing tube after surgery for a few hours, pray they have no problem taking it out. Thank you for all the comments, we really feel loved and enjoy knowing you are all thinking of us. I will update as soon as I can to say how the surgery went.


Anonymous said...

Mike and Gina, Just found out we could do this. You all have been on my mind all day! Just wanted you to know that we love you and that you are in our hearts and minds. Praying everything is going great and you will get to see him quickly. Love Ya , Elaine Lois Michael and Lori

Rev. Spike said...

Praying for you guys!
JP & Vicki

Jackie S said...

Sector 1 and Gina,
Can't wait to hear that surgery is over! We just mailed something to the hospital for Carter to snuggle with while he's there. So glad you have family there to be with you.
Sector 2

Anonymous said...

Gina and Mike - Just sending a little more love and encouragement. I know you may need it by now - what a long day you have had. Hang in there and let us know if you need ANYTHING!!!

Anonymous said...

Anxious to hear from you.Checking the blog spot frequently. Love you, Joy and Larry

Anonymous said...

Mike and Gina. We are looking forward to a praise report and recovery. May the Lord of Lords comfort you, heal Carter, and protect your family. Love Jay, Jamie, and the girls.

Eric, Lori, Ryan, Alex, and Katie said...

We are all praying for you. If you NEED ANYTHING, please call us.

Stimpson6 said...

Gina and Mike,
May God give you Hope and Comfort right now. Praying for you, Mike, Evan, and of course little Carter. Thank you for keeping us updated. Please continue to let us know how to pray. I am so sorry Gina this is happening to you--please know my heart is with you as a fellow moma. May you find His sweet mercy new each day and His right hand upholding you in the midst of all this crazy storm. Love and peace, Jamee' S.

Anonymous said...

Im praying for you all that you will have peace that surpasses all understanding and supernatural strength to get through this and for baby Carter. God is still in control and will take care of you if you need anything call me. Love David, Naomi, Jacob, Travis

Jennifer said...

Hi Gina,
I am one of Jenelle's Blogger friends. I have had your little man on my heart and in my prayers since Jenelle posted about him last Friday. I will keep praying and sending good thoughts your way!


The Williams said...

Gina, Mike, Ryan and Carter....know that you are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. I can't imagine how hard this is on all of you but know there is ONE who will stand by you and hold your hand while you walk this valley. Give Carter a hug and tell Ryan we miss him at church. Love, Rita, Jeff, Kendra, Melody and Michael.

darren and lisa crowder said...


Darren and I are praying for Carter and your whole family. Thanks for taking time to do the website, so we can keep up with the latest.

Lisa Crowder