Friday, May 9, 2008


We are finally getting to leave the hospital. Today has been a long day and I don't care that we won't be leaving until after 9, I am just glad we get to go back to Nana's.
The report came back from his biopsy today (that was done when they removed the tumor) He does have Neuroblastoma and it is not in aggressive form which is amazing! There is a smaller chance that it has spread, and now we will just wait for the other test to be done next week. I will write in the morning hopefully with a report of a (much needed) restful night.


Anonymous said...

So glad you're getting to leave the hospital. Maybe you can get some rest. He must be doing well to be getting to leave so quickly. We'll continue to pray that all will go well. We miss you all and will be happy to have you back home. Larry&Joy

Anonymous said...

Tonight you will sleep good! Snuggle in your warm bed knowing that everyone is at home (or at least Nana's)! May God give you and the boys a restful sleep!

Anonymous said...

That is great to hear! We hope and pray you will all get great sleep tonight.

Tim and Jana

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news. I am so happy for you. We will continue to pray.

Daniel Bayless

Granton said...

Dear Gina,

We've been following Carter's progress and praying for your family. Great news about leaving the hospital! You will continue in our prayers, and I am so glad you and Carter will be out of there for Mother's Day. God bless.

Aunt Lindsay said...

I'm sorry, I was trying to post as "Granton's Aunt Lindsay" and I hit the wrong key!

Anonymous said...

Gina and Mike,
I am so glad you guys got to be out of the hospital for the night! Things have been crazy at school and I have been reading your updates, but haven't had time to write to you! Carter is an awesome little guy and will be able to do and handle anything that comes his way because of the Great Physician, friends, family, and especially his James 5:16 parents. Rest well!

The Franciscos

the myers family said...

Just wanted you to know that we continue to pray for your family. Life is busy but you are not forgotten! We look forward to seeing 2 of your boys this weekend. And we'll look forward to seeing sweet Carter and his mom soon.

Gina, I hope you had a good night's sleep and are feeling rested today. I can understand frustration with your situation. I can't say that I've been anywhere near what you're going through but I wanted to share Psalm 34 with you. When we've dealt with some frustrations in our lives this is the chapter that I continuely fall back on. Call out (and that may mean yell...He made us...He understands us!) to Him! Verse 18 is my favorite. "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted, and saves those who are crushed in spirit." Know that He is close by, no matter how you feel!

We love you.
R.J., Lori, Jason, and Jahalah

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!
We love you,
Terri, Stephanie, and Spencer

Anonymous said...

Ryan family,
I have been thinking about you all often. Carter is the last thing I think about before going to sleep most nights. I have been praying for your family. As Mother's Day approaches, I know that you will hold the boys tight. Happy Mother's Day.
Shannon Calvert

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day. I hope that you have a restful day. I am sure the best Mother's Day present you can have is to hold your boys close. Our Sunday School class will be praying for you. --Lisa Berg