Tuesday, April 14, 2009

God is good!!

What an unbelievable testimony Carter will have some day. The Lord God Almighty has done mighty things in Carter's life and I will forever praise His name.
Carter's appointment went fairly well but the results were wonderful. NO CANCER!!! The scan was clear.
Sometimes I feel like I am in a dream going to doctors appointments getting scans to see if his tumor has returned, I wish all kids could have this happy of a story. The battle with cancer can be so horrible but for Carter it has been everything but that, I am so amazed at what the Lord has done in our lives. I was told again yesterday that most kids with neuroblastoma don't have this happy of a story. This type of cancer is rarely found early and rarely diagnosed without having to go through chemo. Rejoice, again I say Rejoice! Thank you Jesus.
Carter had a crazy reaction to the sleepy medicine they gave him. They give him enough medicine to calm him and make him lay still but not to fall asleep. The scan went fine and he did great but as soon as he started to come out of his daze he was a wild man. It was the most absolutely horrible experience in my life. To say he threw a temper tantrum would be an understatement. Carter threw the BIGGEST fit for 25 minutes and nothing we did would calm him. He would scream for a cracker and then throw the cracker on the floor, he was throwing everything, thrashing, crying, kicking...horrible. Then as quick as he started he was done and playing and back to cute Carter. Mike doesn't usually go to the appointments with me because he usually has to stay home so I think Carter was just making sure his daddy had a great time...HA!
Oh, the best part, we don't have to go back for 6 months!!! After that fit I was very grateful to hear that, I don't want to experience that again anytime soon.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support during the last 11 1/2 months. (Can you believe this journey has been going on for almost a year?)

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I can't believe Evan is 5 years old today! Where have the last 5 years gone? We had a wonderful day celebrating Easter, Jesus is risen!! and Evan's birthday with my family. I can't believe how fast kids grow up Carter will be 2 before we know it.

Your mom and dad love you so much and praise Jesus for you everyday. You are such a gift. While we don't want you to grow up we can't wait to see the life God has planned for you. We love when you tell us stories about Jesus, watch you play soccer and love on your little brother. You are such a good friend to your friends at pre-school and day care. You are tender hearted and wild spirited. We love you and hope you had a great 5th birthday!

Yes I am aware that it has been 3 months since I have updated, just not sure what to write lately. I guess I had writers block...HA! I can't believe people are still reading this.

My last post was from Carter's last check up and it is already time for another one. I have done much better not worrying about this check up as much but to say not at all would be a lie. I have decided that God will take care of us no matter what and I just need to give it to Him and trust Him. This has left me in a much better mood than constant fear.

We could still use your prayers for peace and that everything will go smoothly. I am praying that they won't have to sedate him for the Cat-scan and that we won't have to have another appointment for 6 months.

Carter is getting to be such a big boy and a little stinker. He is so much fun. He is as graceful as his mother and if you know me then you know that's not a good thing! In February he bit all the way through his lip and took his first trip to the ER, pretty scary for mom but not for him. They glue the outside of his lip and he was as good as new. He tries to do everything Evan does and isn't afraid of anything. It is so fun to watch his personality develop, he is such a joy!

Hoping you all had a wonderful Easter and looking forward to sharing good news with you tomorrow.