Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mommy and Daddy's first race!!

Seriously people, my mom and dad are crazy! My mommy has been running in the cold for weeks now only to get up and run outside on a cold day! I can't believe my daddy did it too, he is really crazy! I need to take a nap so I will let my mommy tell you all about it. ~Carter

Mike and I ran in our first race ever this morning! I still can't believe we really did it. Back in September my friend Katie and I joked about participating in the YMCA Holiday Run, and today we really did it. Katie and I tied running 3.1 miles in 32:18. I'm not going to the Olympics or anything but I think that's a pretty good time for our first race. And considering we never ran more than 2.5 miles before today! I was pretty sure after 15 minutes I was going to die, but Katie kept telling me I was fine and sure enough I am. I already want to sign up for another one. I want to do a race that benefits kids with cancer, so if anyone knows of one in Missouri let me know. I had my friend Rachel take pictures for me today, they are not great but it is proof. Have a great weekend.

Katie and Me before the race, I was really excited for some stupid reason.

The start

Katie and Me finishing strong!

I almost forgot to tell you all what a great wife I am! Mike was pretty far behind us and when I could see him coming I went and met him and ran with him to the finish line.