Sunday, June 1, 2008

Where has May gone?

WOW!! I can't believe its already June. It has been one month since all of the craziness in our life has started. One month ago today, Carter was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia, and we were told he had a mass of some kind. So much has happened since then, it just seems crazy. This time on May 1, I was with Carter at the hospital trying to get some sleep before he had his test in the morning, little did I know how much my life was going to change.

I could have titled this post 10 different things, so I will probably list all of the titles and then put a little under each heading. I have been pretty emotional today so bear with me.

A strand of 3 cords:
Today in church (we went to church in Branson) the pastor talked about how a strand of 3 cords is not easily broken. It reminded me of how much I need all of you to keep praying for us. Yes, Carter is home, not in a hospital and not sick. He looks perfectly healthy and happy, but the truth is he still has cancer in his body. I don't mean to keep dwelling on this but I can't help it. I know God is going to take care of him and carry us through all of this, but I keep wondering why this all had to happen in the first place. I need you to pray that the cancer will not grow back and that I can stop worrying about that. I didn't think I would be nervous about his next appointment, but the truth is I am and it’s still a week and a half away. He used to have this crazy cough and after they removed the tumor it was gone. The cough was gone for over 3 weeks, and now it is back. That really scares me and I am praying its nothing, but I seem to worry about everything now. I feel like I have a spiritual battle going on inside of me and I would like you all to pray that satan does not get a foothold and I can keep focus on the only One who can make this all better. I feel God allowed that small piece of tumor to be left in Carter's body to teach me I am not in control. For those of you who really know me, know that that is really hard. I think God is just trying to show me that He doesn't need my help, He can handle this all by himself!! I just really wish I wasn't so stubborn, and He could have found a better way to teach me these things.

I took Carter to the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor on Wednesday, and he does not have to have ear tubes!! Thank you Jesus! I know tubes are not a big deal, I just didn't want him to have to go through one more thing. The doctor is hoping he won't have any trouble all summer because colds are less likely in the summer and we will see what happens in the winter.

Please pray for Granton and his family. You can find a link to his site on the right side of this blog. His mom and dad have to make some pretty big decisions for him and I want to ask that you all pray for them. Granton has been in the hospital for over 2 months. Mike and I have been so burdened for this family even though we have never meet them. I always said I couldn't imagine going through what they are going through, and even though we had some drama it is still nothing even close to what there are dealing with. I am so encouraged by their strength during this incredibly hard time. So, when you pray for Carter please also pray for Granton.

I hope all of this makes sense, I feel like I rambled. I knew I would feel better after I wrote, and I already do. Just because Carter is doing well, and looks so good doesn't mean we still don't need prayers. I know you haven't quit, I just wanted to let you know we still need them, and how to pray more specifically. Thank you all.

Don't forget about the big birthday party on Saturday, I am so excited!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are going to be ups and downs. I think you're doing as any other parent would. We will continue to pray for Carter. I do believe you'll get a good report when you go back to St. Louis. This is allergy season. We're going to pray that's what his cough is. You're right he looks and acts great. I pray God will comfort you and Mike and you will feel his presence during the months ahead. We love you! Larry and Joy

Anonymous said...

Gina--I don't know you but I recognize your picture and I went to high school with your husband. I saw Carter's name on Granton's blog and wanted to see who they were talking about. I'm so sad to hear of the struggle you and your family have been through but so glad to hear that Carter is doing better. He looks like a happy little boy. Know that I will keep your family in my prayers as I pray for Granton. I praise God for the work he's already done on Carter and the miricles to come. I will continue to follow his progress and continue to pray.
Many prayers--Ashley (McGowan) Ballard

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending so many prayers our way. We will also keep praying for your family. Hebrews 11:1 has been very helpful to me the past few days. You should look it up.

God Bless,

Daniel Bayless

Anonymous said...

You didn't ramble. Thank you for sharing your heart. Carter is a such a great little guy and,you're right, sometimes it's hard to imagine that anything could still be left inside him. We (kids included) pray for your family, specifically for Carter, and for Granton every day. We know know that the Great Physician has everything covered and we pray for you as He coaches the doctors and you all watch the plays unfold.

The Franciscos

Anonymous said...

There is light at the end of this tunnel and you are close! I look at this blog often...and still cry every time. I can't wait to give Carter a hug on the 14th.
Love and hugs..your cousin, Krissy