Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Carter's appointment went pretty well today. He peed all over me and then while trying to change his bag and actually catch the pee he started peeing again, and he ended up peeing in the cup! It was hilarious. A little messy, but hilarious. We won't know any results for probably a week. I assume they won't even call unless something comes back unusual. We go back in August for a CT scan, and then will start our every 3 months visits. His incision is healing, and we had a surgeon look at it today. He was pleased with it and thinks it should heal up fine now. The antibiotic is doing what it is supposed to and the infection looks under control. Thank you for all the prayers today. It was a long day, no one in the clinic moves as fast as you think they should. I have learned that if we are an hour late for the appointment no one will notice (not that we were, but we should have been). Maybe I will post more tomorrow.
Edited on 6/12 @ 9:40a.m.: Carter's CT scan is in July not August. Opps! I was sleepy when I wrote this.


Anonymous said...

I looked first thing this a.m. to see if you had written. Thank you for keeping us informed. Sounds like you had a day. At least Carter added some amusement to it. I'm glad everthing went well and I'm sure the test results are going to be good. We love you, Larry & Joy

Jenelle said...

That silly guy! Sounds like the appointment was an adventure! I'm glad his incision looks good--when you said it was a staph infection I was concerned. Mainly 'cuz I have no idea what that means. I love you all and hope you have a safe trip home!!!

Anonymous said...

We kept checking for updates and are very glad things went well! Aren't boys great at the loose fountains!!

The Franciscos