Monday, June 16, 2008

Crazy Life

Sorry it has been so long since I posted. Things have been crazy. On Friday Carter had his 12 month check up which should have been easy right? WRONG! Carter had a fever Thursday night so when we went to the doctor she was concerned his infection in his incision became something more like a blood infection. Well after being on antibiotics for 10 days he developed a double ear infection. He does not have a blood infection, but she was very concerned at how low his white blood cell count was. After consulting with the oncologist they decided it was just a virus. Carter is doing much better now and is back at day care today. I have had a lot of people ask when we will know about the test last week, and honestly I don't think we will unless its not good. We go back to his regular doctor in 2 weeks (like we really won't be there for 2 weeks, I laughed at the doctor when she said that) and she will probably know the results so I will ask her.
Saturday was our anniversary! We have been married for 5 years. Mike is the most amazing man I could have ever asked for. I am so thankful to be blessed by him. We got to go out on a date to the Springfield Cardinals game and to late lunch/early dinner. Granny watched the kids which was fun for all involved. After the past month it was really nice to just spend time together. We had a lot of fun.
Sunday was Colter's, Carter's best bud, birthday party. Happy Birthday Colter! His party was at the park and we almost got blown away. We knew it was going to rain by the way the clouds looked, but what we didn't realize was that there were severe storms all around. It was pretty crazy and exciting to say the least. I have never seen a party be cleaned up so fast.
Friday, June 20th, is Polk County Relay for Life. I am really excited about it. Please come out and support us, we will need as many friends as possible as I am sure this will be emotional for us. Carter will get to walk (OK, be carried) in the survivor lap. We think he will be the youngest survivor. So be sure to look for updates on Saturday.
Happy Monday to all,


Anonymous said...

Whew! See you at the Relay! Hope the boy stays away from the doctor for the next 2 weeks!

The Franciscos

Anonymous said...

We're glad he's feeling better. By the way happy anniversary. I'm glad you got some time just the two of you. Carter looks great. It's amazing he got an ear infection while on antibiotics. You never know. I plan to see you at the Relay. Love Joy