Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Carter had a great birthday party! Thank you to everyone who came and/or sent donations. We raised $180 for our Realy for Life team and $141 for Friends of Kids with Cancer.

He had so much fun with his cake. He ate almost the whole thing!!

I don't have much to say, I just want to post some pictures.

Carter has an infection in his incision, and I just find out that it is staph. It is healing ok now and hopefully will be ok. Tomorrow (Wednesday, June 11) is Carter's check up in St. Louis. Please pray for travel and good test results. They will do a urine and blood test. It should be simple but I have thought that before and was proved wrong, so we will just have to see. Enjoy the pictures.

Carter and his buddy Colter "playing" together

He is looking at his cake, he knows its coming.
Getting cleaned up, I promise I wasn't choking him.

Clean and happy!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the precious pictures, I feel like I was there. He seemed to love the cake. I am praying for you and will be glad when tomorrow is over. I have something for him and will get it to you when you get home. We love you guys. Larry and Joy

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures, but they just don't do the gooey mess justice! :) We're praying for you tomorrow (we always are, but even more on days like that)!

The Franciscos

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina,

Thanks for the pictures!!! I am praying with you about tomorrow. May God fill you with the power of His love and peace.

In Him,
Brooke Walters

Anonymous said...

Aren't you glad I made you go get that bite of cake. That picture is priceless. I was blessed to be there and see the love, joy and peace you all share. God is so good! Will pray specifically for the infection. We love you dearly,
Terri, Steph, and Spencer

Jenelle said...

What a wonderful photographer you must have. :)

charlib said...

this is the joy of my day!