Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Long time no post (AGAIN)

WOW! Where does time go?? I really planned on writing more often and now it been a week and a half.
Can you believe it has been 4 months since Carter was diagnosed with NB?!? Looking back it seems like it was forever ago. I still can't believe how fast everything happened. I still often look back and think "I really thought he was teething". I guess it just seems so surreal. Almost like 4 months ago I had a really bad dream and something like that surely didn't shake US, it must have been someone else and I just tell the story. I will admit I am still a little anxious about the whole "C" word. I just can't help to think about it. My family thinks I am silly and Mike is good at ignoring the fact the Carter has cancer, but I just can't shake it. I will be worried until he sees the oncologist in October then she will ease all my fear and stress how well he is doing and I will feel better at least for a while.
FYI I have 2 posts that I am working on. One about Evan starting pre-school and one about vacation, so I really will get those out soon. Hopefully this week. I have just been so busy and our Internet connection at home isn't the best so its hard to find a place and a time to write. I really appreciate your comments and prayers for our family.
Please pray for the Mikulak family. I found Max's story sometime in May and although I try to avoid blog's about kids with NB I couldn't help myself to continue to follow his story. I knew Max was very ill and his parents knew he was dying, but it came as a shock to find out Max died on Sunday. I hope I never find myself in that situation. Please pray for them as I know they need it.

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Jenelle said...

What do you mean your Internet connection isn't the best? Using the laptop while hanging out the bathroom window sounds like a pretty good connection to me...:)

P.S. You're not silly. Well, not about this anyway.