Monday, September 22, 2008

Not Me! Monday

MckMama started a new blog carnival that is sure to be entertaining. These are things I certainly have NOT done this week. You can see more Not Me! Monday's here.

I did not tell my 4 year old I would get him some milk in just a minute and then fall back asleep yesterday while he did whatever he wanted. That would be irresponsible and I would never do that.

I did not take same 4 year old to church last night with a 101 fever and let him spread his germs to everyone. No way! ( I really didn't know he had a fever until we got home)

I never let Evan go into Carter's crib just so I can have a few more minutes doing whatever it is I am doing before I get Carter out of bed.

I did not freak out and think Evan had a tumor in his leg because he suddenly said it hurt and started limping. That would be completely stupid and I would never be that irrational. And I am not taking him to the doctor partially for above said reason today.

I did not make No Bake cookies over the weekend and eat a TON of them because I am trying to eat healthy and I would not do that.

Try Not Me Monday it is so freeing!! Check back on following Mondays to see what I have not done the previous week.


Rachel said...

Hey - I didn't make no bake cookies and eat too many this weekend either (wink wink). I tried a new recipe and we like them........weird thing, it has milk so might not work for you guys.

Love and miss you - you coming to the Walnust Festival this weekend?

Rachel said...

So Funny! I laughed my hiney off.