Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First day of Preschool

Evan started preschool Friday, Aug. 22. (Yes, I know that was 3 weeks ago.) I can't believe he is old enough to go to school but apparently he is. He goes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the local Christian school. He had a great first day and I only cried once. Actually I didn't even cry when I dropped him off but in the middle of the day. The school called me twice because he was "itchy". He has eczema and he happened to be very broke out Friday morning. Well I forgot to tell school that he had eczema so they weren't sure if it was an allergic reaction or a rash. The first time I explained to them what it was and the second time they told me he was so miserable and asked if there was anything I could bring him. So I left work to take him the medicine that helps and some lotion. On the way there I had a mini-emotional break down because I felt so sorry for my little 4 year old boy that can't even enjoy the first day of preschool due to being itchy when the doctors tell me I am doing all that I can to help him. Well no, if he is still miserable than I am not doing all I can! There must be more. So we are going to the dermatologist on Sept. 24 and I pray they can give us some kind of new light.
So you may be wondering where the pictures of him on the first day are and well the truth is I forgot! I know, I am a horrible mom. On the second day of school he would not let me take his picture. I wish I would have been smart enough to take a picture of him pouting, that would have been memorable and hilarious.
More later, I promise a vacation post is coming soon.


Rachel said...

Hopefully you'll get some relief - will you have to go to St. Louis for the derm or just locally?

Anonymous said...

Just thought I would share that when Alli was tested and we found out she was allergic to milk and eggs and cut those out of her diet, her eczema cleared up greatly! The Dr. said that eczema and allergies are related. I don't say that to try to "diagnose" Evan, but just something to consider.

Sarah Causey

Anonymous said...

Be sure to discuss with the doctors the possiblity of a wheat allergy or intolerance...Love to you!