Monday, August 25, 2008

New Twist

Want to know a secret about me? I love blogging. I love to write, and I love to read others blogs. I know the loving to write part doesn't show but I really do. The problem I have with writing is that since this blog was created because of Carter's cancer I feel that the posts should always have to do with Carter. However, I decided to try a new twist. Even though this blog is called Carter Jay Ryan I want to start posting about life and the true randomness that occurs in it. This will more be like a Ryan family bog but keep the same name, and of course as things with Carter happen they will be posted here. I pray Carter's cancer does not come back but in case it does we will already have a blog set up to keep family and friends posted. I had another blog that was started before Carter was diagnosed, but I don't want to switch to it because I think I will lose readers. So if you object to me making this a more family oriented blog than you can comment, but I think you will just be glad to hear from me more often. Blogging is a whole new world so look forward to some fun things. Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Works for me, just keep us updated!! :)


Rachel said...

Yeah - I want to hear about it all :) Especially like you vacation, post pictures please cause I'm sure you had some handsome beach babies!!

Stacie said...

I also love to read and play with the blogs. I have read yours and Granton's to stay updated with the boys' health. I am a mother and cannot imagine having to face something like that. I find both you and Jenni to be fantastic examples of faith and really admire you both. I've notice your blog and added a background to mine also. Can you give me tips? My background has the link posted at the top and covers my post date. What did I do wrong? Thanks