Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You have got to be kidding!!

A few weeks ago I took Carter to the doctor for his 15 month check up and they did blood allergy testing. Well, they called today to give me the results and my first thought was "Are you kidding me?" We already knew he was allergic to Cow's milk, but the rest I had no clue. So are you ready. The boy is allergic to milk, egg, peanut, cat, 4 types of grass and 3 types of trees. So do I need to just put him in a bubble?? Needless to say they are going to send us to a pediatric allergist probably in the same hospital we already go to every 3 months for his cancer. I was totally blown away by all these allergies, no wonder he is always snotty and broke out.

More uplifting note: On Sunday Carter got a hold of something he knew he wasn't supposed to have and kindly brought it to me and said "Uh Oh I did it." Poor kid totally told on himself. It was hilarious and of course I cracked up.
The other day Evan told me he knew what hotel started with so of course I was thinking he was going to say H but when I asked him what he pointed to the number 8 and said eight. A little confused I remembered when we went on vacation ( yes, I know I still haven't posted about it) we stayed at a Super 8 on the way there and on the way back, and we pass by a Super 8 every time we take him to school. Smart little stinker he is, how do you correct something that cute?
That's all I have for today. I'll let you all know when the allergy testing is because I know it will be torture for all involved and I will need prayer. My grandma already told me she wasn't going with me to that appointment and I quickly told her she would DEFINITELY be going, we will see who wins.

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Rachel said...

Ohhh Gina - glad you called and let me know - hopefully some of these allergies will be mild and maybe even things he'll grow out of! (Have they ever mentioned Evan growing out of any of his?)

I bet you'll win - your grandma is a softie where her grandbabies are concerned!!