Monday, October 13, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Time to share things I have not done this week. To see more Not Me Mondays! go to MckMama's blog.

I did not pull out a LONG gray hair out of my chin. I am way to young to have chin hair.

I did not fall asleep while Carter played in his crib and Evan played in the living room way to late in the afternoon because then I would not have slept well last night. And while I did not sleep Evan did not ask me if he needed to be more quiet.

I did not make chocolate chip cookies at 10 p.m.

I did not feed my 4 year old dinner at 8:45 p.m. then immediately put him to bed, that is way too late for a child to eat and that is irresponsible. No, not me.

I did not almost cry when a friend told me she bought a St. Jude pumpkin at our local store in honor of Carter.

I did not cry and call the allergist that Carter saw bad names the whole rest of the day after meeting that jerk. I am a nice Christian girl and I wouldn't do something like that.

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princessmom said...

I "don't" have any grays either. I'm way too young also.

Allmykids123 said...

I haven't found any gray hairs coming out of my chin either.. ha ha. Found you throught MckMama and wanted to stop by and say Hi!

Ashley Griffin said...

cookies at 10pm... MMMmmmm

Rachel said...

I did *not* call the meanie allergist bad names either......and I wasn't even there :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Haven't checked in for a while and seem to have missed a lot! First, praise the Lord for the good scan! Next, a big "WHEW!" for having it over, your ankle feeling better, and getting to enjoy some time during that trip. Third, take everything the "specialists" tell you as advice and something to try until you find which one is right for your boys. (You are the momma and only God knows them better than you.) Finally, call me some time and know you all are still in our prayers daily!