Saturday, October 4, 2008

All Clear!!

Carter has been too busy to update his blog so please forgive him! Yesterday went fairly well all things considered. Our wonderful nurse (the one we always get, she is our favorite) was able to get Carter's IV on the first try. It took a while to get the blood for the allergy test and make sure it was good, but still only one poke. Once he started crying because of the IV he was pretty whiny the rest of the day. My grandma and I didn't have trouble spoiling and babying him. The CT came back clear!!! It is such a relief to hear those words come out of the doctor's mouth. I was nervous yesterday but I never realize how much until I can breath a sigh of relief. The doctor also mentioned that after a year we might go to chest x-rays only so he isn't getting all the radiation from the CT scan, and because (her words) his chance of recurrence is so low. I have heard her say that before but to hear it again was wonderful. I love his doctor because she is so encouraging.
We had a fun day at the zoo today, Carter enjoyed being outside and looking at everything. I had some sort of miraculous healing in my ankle. Its a little tender but I can walk on it just fine with out a brace or anything. After a long day at the zoo it doesn't hurt at all! I am really excited about this. I hate being a gimp.
We will be going home tomorrow. I know Mike misses us, he hates when his family is gone.
Thanks for the prayers.


Teresa said...

I'm glad to hear that everything is clear. We pray for you and your family.

The lotion I posted about before is called Aquaphilic (with carbaminde 10%). You buy it at the pharmacy. If you want some information on it here is a link: It has no coloring or perfume it is just the basics. I don't use it on my eczema (I use my prescription for that), I use it in hopes of avoiding eczema. There is a lot of information on the internet about it. Good luck.

Annie said...

So good to hear a positive report. I'm glad things went well (relative to the circumstances)and that you were able to have some fun time too. See you on Wednesday!

Rachel said...

Yeah for your ankle feeling better - I totally forgot to ask you about that the other day!!

Love you!

Deqlan said...

Congrats Carter! Our Living Lord continues to shine His miracles through you, fantastic news,prayers shall always continue for you and your family! God Bless and hugs
Samm & Deqlan

Lori M. said...

You sure do sound like you're smiling now...not like Thursday. Love hearing the good news!