Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Public Pool

Thank you to those that are concerned about Evan and his strange rash. Just to let you all know it is finally gone! Carter got 8 "spots" they kind of look like huge burn scabs now but I can tell they are getting better.
I wanted to post to clear up a few things. I am sorry if you had your kids at the pool with mine. I had no idea.
1. Evan's rash developed before we went swimming in the public pool. On Sunday, when it first started I thought it was just his eczema. So we went swimming. On Monday, I knew it was more than eczema so we went to the Dr.
2. The first Dr. said it was chiggers. It seemed true at that point until the next day. So on Monday, we again went swimming, I was putting anti-bacterial cream on the "spots" and I gave him a shower and medicine immediately after swimming. Remember, I thought it was only chiggers at this point. It didn't get worse until Tuesday afternoon.
3. I did not take Evan swimming anymore after Monday night.
4. I took Evan back to the Dr. on Wednesday, this Dr. said it was definitely not chiggers. I did tell her we went to the public pool, and she did not seem concerned with that. She knew I kept putting anti-bacterial cream on them and could tell it wasn't infected. She also knew they go to daycare and that we were going out of town over the weekend and would again be swimming. The Dr. was not worried about any of this. She really wasn't sure what it is, but it is now gone without any treatments. It ran its course, and is now gone!!

Thank you for praying with us over the weekend. We had a great time, and I had fun at my high school reunion. It was so weird to be in a room with people you recognize but don't know.
Happy hump-day!

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