Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chicken pox or Chiggers? NEITHER

Its a medical mystery!! I don't understand why my children have to have all the weird things. On Monday Doctor A said it was chiggers, I was fine with that until Tuesday. Today Doctor B said it was definitely not chiggers nor chicken pox. Evan has eczema so rashes sometimes look different than they would with normal children, so its hard to say. She thinks its Eczema Herpeticum, which is really yucky. She isn't sure since he isn't running a fever. Basically she can't say for sure but that is her best educated guess.
Then around noon, daycare called to tell me they fed Carter mac & cheese and he broke out in hives. We know he is allergic to milk, but we thought maybe that allergy had gone, apparently not. Hives is not a big deal in the big scheme of things, but for crying out loud, how much more do I need. Why can't I just have normal children with normal problems. Does normal even exist?? Its so frustrating that we are always dealing with something. My plate is full, and I am done. Stick a fork in me.
Please pray for Evan and that the funky spots are gone soon and not spread to Carter. Pray that the medical mystery can be solved and we figure out everything Carter is allergic to and get no more hives.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to know you have at least 6 readers. I am Christina Tetrick's husbands cousin. She emailed us to ask for prayers when your ordeal started. I check the website every few days to see how you and your family are doing. Hang in there, we are praying for you.


Anonymous said...

Did you happen to mention to the doctors that Evan was in a public pool? My husband broke out on his arms after fixing some parts in a pool. The doctor wasn't the least bit surprised when he said they had fixed a pool recently. She said there are so many different germs and bacterias in pools. My husband got some perscription ointment. Just a suggestion...

Goodnight, Mom said...

Of COURSE I had written this LONG note to you and my computer shut down! UUUUGGGGGH!

Anyway, Hi Gina, this is Kristi (Goodnight Mom).

Thank you for finding my blog.

It is amazing how similar our stories are, just a few months apart. All those things you were thinking and feeling, I was thinking and feeling just a short time earlier.

First of all, could your kids be any cuter? Holy cow! Both of them!

I know that Carter will be great. I also know that each and every time I have to go to a CT, it scares the pants off of me. You are totally correct (at least by me) to have all those feelings.

I know that Carter will be just fine. I know that he will! I also know that Eva will be just fine! I hope that someday, we can put these two in a room together, relax with a well-deserved glass of wine and toast our five-year cancer free existence.

I look forward to that day.

As for blogging, sister, you should REALLY keep it up. I find it very cathartic. As you can see, I pretty much talk about whatever things happen to be on my mind at the time. You should too!

Of course, then you have strangers coming up to you in restaurants and saying things like, hey, is this Eva and Jack? uh, yes, who are you? Oh, I have a friend whose son is in Jack's class and I read your blog.

Kinda creepy but fun all the same! :)

Looking forward to the good CT results. If they are not good, you know who you can talk to!


Anonymous said...

Bless their hearts!! Heat (and sometimes chlorine) seem to make strange rashes appear on my kids sometimes too. How was the appointment? By the way, I often check, but don't always post. are in our prayers every day, whether I tell you or not is my fault and I'm sorry!! :) Have a good weekend!

The Franciscos

Anonymous said...

I just read that Evan went to the city pool. I've heard from a reliable source that the City Pool has been without adequate amounts of Chlorine for the past month...just something to consider...

Carolyn said...

Keep up the good work.